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Case Mangement

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Step 1.

Begin the process by setting up your SuranceBay account and requesting your desired carrier appointments. Our dedicated contracting team will be in touch with carrier-specific requirements and will provide your writing code when available.

Step 2.

As contracting processes your contract requests, new business applications can be submitted simultaneously. All new business applications submitted to our office are scrubbed to ensure all forms are in good order prior to submission to the carrier. Should any items be required prior to submission, our App Entry processing desk will notify you to ensure that requirements do not impede processing time at the carrier.

Step 3.

Once all items are in good order, new business applications will be submitted directly to the carrier for processing, and App entry will assign your case to your dedicated case manager. You will receive an acknowledgment memo generated by the file builder to notify the agent of submission.

Step 4.

Once carrier decision is made, agent is notified

Two to three days after the app is submitted your dedicated case manager will begin the follow-up process and will continue to follow up and communicate with you until your case is InForce. You will receive Case Status Memos via emails detailing all pending requirements throughout the application process. Always feel free to contact your dedicated new business team with any questions or concerns regarding the received memo.

Step 5.

Our office can order your Paramed’s at the time of submission or at any time during the application process if the underwriter requests it. If the underwriter requests an APS during the application process, your dedicated case manager will place the order and follow up until it’s received.