Agent Website Design

3 Templates to Choose From

Template One

This is the perfect template for partnering with LAAM Partners Group. This template portrays your agency as a "division" of LAAM and features intricate information and resources, as well as your full support team page and more.

Template Two

Do you need to keep your connections with LAAM Partners Group under the radar? Are you already affiliated with a different agency or upline? No problem. Template two allows you to substitute your LAAM connections with your own and includes the same pages of resources, support team, and more.

Template Three

This template is for agents who have their own company and/or image they want to maintain. We can upload your company logo and display it along the header of the page. You will get to write your own bio and image will be included in the homepage as well as our services, resources, support team pages, and sales funnel to portray the exact image of professionalism you are looking for.

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