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Premium Financing

History of premium financing

Premium financing has been around for over 30 years for P&C business and over 20 for life insurance.  We know the history of premium financing from pre-IUL days, through the IOLI and STOLI days, to present day and the programs in today’s marketplace.

Designing a case

“It’s all in the design”.  5 pay. 7 pay, 10 pay? IUL, whole life, GUL?

With all the products and possibilities what is the best way to design the policy for success?

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Choosing the correct carrier and lender

Choosing the correct carrier based on the client’s goals along with the best lender based on their financials is paramount in achieving the client’s goals. 

From design to funding, what to look out for

Just like Chutes and Ladders, premium financing can have some pitfalls if not properly planned for.  Carrier assignments, pledge agreements,  security control agreements, collateral calculations, just to name a few.  

Income designs & Business uses, life insurance as an asset class

Premium financed designs for income sales can increase the benefits when compared to paying premiums out of pocket.  Internal rates of return at life expectancy of 12% or greater are achievable. 

Whether for individuals seeking tax advantaged income or used in executive compensation plans, IULs with premium financing can be a attractive strategy.

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Download this handy assessment guide to make sure you grasp the fundamentals of the PFU program thus far.